Pop test: what’s the one extra that runs with truly any outfit? Clearly, it’s that little dark pack that you’ve been conveying each and every day for a considerable length of time. Much like the little dark dress, a little dark pack never leaves style. In any case, one size definitely does not fit all, which is the reason it’s anything but difficult to hoard a little (or substantial) heap of LBBs. For me, it’s much simpler to legitimize an extravagance pack when I realize it will coordinate pretty much all that I possess. “However, I’ll wear it constantly,” I state, as another crate shows up containing one more tote. While a LBB is immortally chic, each accumulation needs a redo now and again. You can accept this as your official reason to go purchase more sacks. A specialist’s note for couture, maybe.

While I adore my absolute first minimal dark sack (kate spade around 2009), the new age of minimal dark packs are, might I venture to state, only somewhat sleeker. Of late I’ve been fixated on pretty much everything Marc Jacobs, and I think the enchantment is in the completion. The smooth cowhide calls to me, and fortunately for me it’s extremely popular. Here are a couple of my most loved choices for each state of mind.